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The Five Towns ITT Partnership offers you the opportunity to train through the School Direct initiative in a range of schools across Wakefield and the Five Towns (Castleford, Wakefield, Normanton, Pontefract and Featherstone). Training with us guarantees that you will gain the benefit of in-school experience with outstanding teachers together with professional studies sessions hosted by a team of talented academics at our partner institutions: Leeds Beckett University and the University of Huddersfield. Our partnership encompasses a range of schools so you’ll benefit from a contrasting school experience and have the chance to forge links and network with other trainees and staff across the schools.

We are looking for ambitious and committed individuals with a passion for their subject and a desire to share their enthusiasm to inspire young people. If you have these qualities, coupled with a relentless focus on securing the best outcomes for young people, we would encourage you to apply to train with us.

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  • All of our schools are truly comprehensive and will provide you with the opportunity to work with young people of all abilities and ages. Our partnership is continually growing and we are keen to work with schools and academies which share our ethos.

    We offer placements at the following schools: Schools across the Castleford Academy Trust, Northern Ambition Academies Trust and a number of schools across Wakefield Local Authority.

    • Castleford Academy
    • Airedale Academy
    • Carleton High School
    • Crofton Academy
    • Outwood Academy Hemsworth
    • St Wilfrids
    • The King's School
    • Trinity Academy Cathedral

    We currently have places for 2022 - 2023 available in the following subjects: Secondary 11-16 (in partnership with Leeds Beckett University).

    Secondary in partnership with the University of Huddersfield.

    Minimum degree classification: 2:2 plus, ideally, evidence of experience in a UK school or setting relevant to primary or secondary education.

    If applying for secondary, you should have a degree in which the majority of the content was in your chosen teaching subject. We will look carefully at all applications, and will recommend candidates for a Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course, if appropriate.

    We are happy to support potential applicants with arranging further school experience through the school experience programme.

    All applicants for primary training places must have grade 4 (C) passes in GCSE English Language, Maths and Science (or equivalent) before making their application.

    Secondary applicants must have grade 4 (C) passes (or equivalent) in GCSE English Language & Maths.

    We're looking for potential! You're applying to train so we don't expect you to be the finished product. We do, however, expect our trainees to be highly motivated, committed to teaching as a career and keen to inspire young people. If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you.

    How We Select Our Trainees

    The lead school, Castleford Academy, will coordinate the recruitment process in partnership with the University of Huddersfield and Leeds Beckett University. Interviews will usually take place at Castleford Academy although schools from across the partnership may also host interview days. If invited to interview, you will be asked to make a short presentation to a group of pupils before a more formal interview with subject specialist teachers from across the partnership.

    Our training course will include a PGCE from either Leeds Beckett University or the University of Huddersfield with recommendation for QTS (dependent upon the course and route chosen).

    Trainees will be members of the respective universities and as such will be able to access all university facilities.

    You will have a minimum of two placements in two different schools, gaining experience in delivering lessons across all Key Stages in your chosen phase. As this is a School Direct course, you'll be with your main placement school from September 2021 where you will be treated as a full member of staff but with the added support of an expert mentor. During the year you will also complete training at Leeds Beckett University or the University of Huddersfield and complete Masters-level assignments.

    Fees are determined by the university. The tuition fee for students entering in the year 2022/23 is £9250.

    Is teaching the right fit for you? When is the last time you were in a school? What does school look like from a teachers perspective? These are all questions that people who apply for an ITT course ask themselves, and if you’re in this category then why not try one of our school experience days?

    Like everything we do at Five Towns ITT our school experience days are tailored to you. We start you off with an insight into how the school day runs. You’ll experience school from the viewpoint of pupils and adults. We are able to offer School Experience Days across our Partnership of schools and across all Key Stages. During a School experience day you will;

    8.45 Meet and greet at reception

    9.05 Lesson 1 – Spent in a lesson with some SEN pupils and seeing our SEN provision

    10.05 Lesson 2 – Spent in a Core subject (One of Maths/English/Science)

    11.20 Lesson 3 – Spent in a practical subject (One of PE/DT/Performing Arts)

    12.20 Lesson 4 – Spent in the area that you wish to train in

    Once you’ve had your school experience day you have a few different options. If its confirmed that teaching is for you then you can formally apply through UCAS. If you are still unsure we can organise a school experience week in your specialist area to give you a real insight into how learning happens. School Experience days are a fantastic way to get a feel for a school and to decide if teaching is the job for you.

    If you would like to find out more then please do not hesitate to contact us.

    You can apply directly on

    If you have any questions please contact us on